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Visit Date: November 4, 2019 ID Number: 153200
Visit Count: Children Served: select number CSW ID Numb:[138]

Consultation services Delivered

Topics Covered

Program health and safety assessment: Answered: Yes
Healthy and safe environment: Answered: Yes
Nutrition (meal planning, menu review, food safety, allergies, breastfeeding/infant feeding): Answered: Yes
Physical activity and outdoor time: Answered: Yes
Child-caregiver relationships: Answered: Yes
Early brain development and milestones: Answered: Yes
Community resources and referrals: Answered: Yes

INTERVIEW WITH CARDEA ,at High point library with Lizzy, we talked about the program she also interviewed the provider almost 90 minutes Sha asked 15 questions like
* How long have you been providing childcare
* How long have you been working with childcare health consultant
* How well did the cchc services meet your needs.
* What did you like about the cchc services you receive.
We answered all the questions she asked us she also give $50 gift card to the provider..