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Visit Date: November 4, 2019 ID Number: 153124
Visit Count: Children Served: select number CSW ID Numb:[138]

Consultation services Delivered

Topics Covered

Nutrition (meal planning, menu review, food safety, allergies, breastfeeding/infant feeding): Answered: Yes
Child-caregiver relationships: Answered: Yes
Mental/behavioral health & social-emotional development: Answered: Yes

Contacted by provider and informed that the mother had let her know that her DCFYS case had been dismissed and that she was endlessly grateful for the help. This conversation was while Provider took child to school. Provider has been limiting the usage of the phone by child as it has become a bit of obsession to have. Provider shared that most of the time that child was visiting, they did not ask for the phone as much as they did during the last visit. Provider stated that the child made a comment out of the blue about living with provider again. Explained to provider that it isn’t uncommon for a child to be somewhere that they are getting more attention at as obviously the child doesn’t get as much with a 5 month old baby needing more.