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Visit Date: January 2, 2019 ID Number: 153196
Visit Count: Children Served: select number CSW ID Numb:[138]

Consultation services Delivered

In-person Consultation services Delivered Answered: Yes
Consultation with providers/caregivers on administering ASQ: Answered: Yes
Developmental screenings administered directly to children: Answered: Yes

Topics Covered

Program health and safety assessment: Answered: Yes
Healthy and safe environment: Answered: Yes
Handwashing, diapering, toileting: Answered: Yes
Safe sleep: Answered: Yes
Nutrition (meal planning, menu review, food safety, allergies, breastfeeding/infant feeding): Answered: Yes
Physical activity and outdoor time: Answered: Yes
Child-caregiver relationships: Answered: Yes
Community resources and referrals: Answered: Yes

Support the family to enroll the kindergarden class and provide to purchase school materials.