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Visit Date: April 1, 2019 ID Number: 153215
Visit Count: Children Served: 3 CSW ID Numb:[138]

Consultation services Delivered

In-person Consultation services Delivered Answered: Yes

Topics Covered

Child-caregiver relationships: Answered: Yes
Mental/behavioral health & social-emotional development: Answered: Yes
Community resources and referrals: Answered: Yes

1. Provide concerns about mother as ffn nd her threat cps, and ffn mom possible risk to baby (does not met 26.44) provider PTSD, 3. Work efforts, 4. Dshs Child support reporting DV waiver. 5. Her temp housing of her Homeless aunt (w/cancer) and her 4 children. 6. SSI application 4/09/2019 dr. appt. (We will help with SSI application) 7. Eviction prevention Referral work