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Organization: Sisters In Common
Name of person completing report: Colleen Hollis
Contact information: (206)679-7821
Date: 7-Jun-18
Report on work delivered for the month: May-18

During the past month:

How many child care centers did you serve? 0
How many family child care homes did you serve? 0
How many FFN or informal caregivers did you serve? 0
How many children did you serve (OPTIONAL)? 0

How many of the following services did you deliver (include repeat visits in count?)

· In-person consultation sessions 879
· Phone or virtual consultation sessions 1203
· Group trainings 0
If you offered group trainings, topics discussed:
· Consultations with providers/caregivers on administering ASQ 67
If you consulted on ASQ, # of providers consulted/trained: 0
· Developmental screenings administered directly to children 37
· Referrals made 0
Please select the following topics covered in consultation sessions (not group trainings) – please enter “YES” or “NO”:
Program health and safety assessment: 633 Yes Answers Healthy and safe environment: 977 Yes Answers
Communicable disease prevention: 134 Yes Answers Medication management: 105 Yes Answers
Health and emergency policies: 57 Yes Answers Handwashing, diapering, toileting: 291 Yes Answers
Safe sleep: 185 Yes Answers Nutrition (meal planning, menu review, food safety, allergies, breastfeeding/infant feeding): 412 Yes Answers
Physical activity and outdoor time: 731 Yes Answers Child-caregiver relationships: 1221 Yes Answers
Mental/behavioral health & social-emotional development: 375 Yes Answers Working with children with special healthcare needs: 76 Yes Answers
Development screening, early identification, and referrals: 47 Yes Answers Early brain development and milestones: 161 Yes Answers
Toxics: 8 Yes Answers Community resources and referrals: 1501 Yes Answers