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Visit Date: May 5, 2020 ID Number: 153115
Visit Count: Children Served: Provider opted out of answer Community Health Worker: Jenel S

Consultation services Delivered

What type of Consultation was it? Phone or virtual consultation session

Healthy and Safe Environment Concerns

Child Development Concerns

Healthy Children

Healthy Caregivers

Taking care of yourself (Whole Person). Answered: Yes
Coping with stressful situations. Answered: Yes
Consultation Duration

Start Time: 7:30 PM
End Time: 8:40 PM
Time Period: 60+mins


Progress Made Towards Goal?:
Goal Attained?
Progress made towards goal?

Notes for this Consultation

Provider contacted and needed some support on some issues that took place with family members. Provider stated that their father (also a provider) ask them to provide the password for Provider’s older sister (children’s mother in program) so they could logon for work. Provider explained that she had asked her sister to sign some document and there was no reply and that if she needed the internet info she could’ve asked her and that this has been a continued situation of the home with inconsistent communication. Provider states that typically she would give in when her father continually asks and she doesn’t feel it was a decision she wanted to make. Provider was happy that she stood her ground, but felt “crappy”. Validated feelings and encouraged provider to continue to stand her ground on her decisions.