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Visit Date: March 29, 2020 ID Number: 153255
Visit Count: Children Served: Provider opted out of answer Community Health Worker: SIC Other Staff

Consultation services Delivered

What type of Consultation was it? Phone or virtual consultation session

Healthy and Safe Environment Concerns

How to prevent the spread of illness: Answered: Yes

Child Development Concerns

Healthy Children

Working with children with special healthcare needs. Answered: Yes
Hand-washing – diapering – toileting. Answered: Yes
Mental/Behavioral Health Services (Child). Answered: Yes

Healthy Caregivers

Taking care of yourself (Whole Person). Answered: Yes
How to help me cover my HRSN (e.g. food, transportation, housing, medical needs, employment). Answered: Yes
Coping with stressful situations. Answered: Yes
Did you make a Community Resource-Referral. Answered: Yes
Resource-Referral Type(s).
Housing instability, Financial strain
Consultation Duration

Start Time: 2:00 PM
End Time: 2:50 PM
Time Period: 60+mins


Progress Made Towards Goal?:
Goal Attained?
Progress made towards goal?

Notes for this Consultation

Goal was to provide resources for Provider due to COVID-19 and the effect it is having on her move back to her home, her financial stability and her housing stability. Shared information and website to see the information for herself. about the stimulus check and told her to call her lender and see what they are willing to do for her around restructuring her mortgage. She is social distancing from her youngest gchild, but is still providing some care to the others. They are using social distancing and washing their hands to minimize risk to her. She worries that her gson’s medical condition could make him more vulnerable to COVID-19-told her to look up what the health departments are saying about that condition and COVID-19. She also thinks that he is depressed and she would like him to have MH services, but does not have the authority to sign him up. Told her to have her son request that in the parenting plan.