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Visit Date: February 6, 2020 ID Number: 153250
Visit Count: Children Served: Provider opted out of answer Community Health Worker: Jenel S

Consultation services Delivered

What type of Consultation was it? In-person consultation session

Healthy and Safe Environment Concerns

Child Development Concerns

Healthy Children

Healthy Caregivers

Taking care of yourself (Whole Person). Answered: Yes
Coping with stressful situations. Answered: Yes
Consultation Duration

Start Time: 3:10 PM
End Time: 4:00 PM
Time Period: 60+mins


Progress Made Towards Goal?: Yes
Goal Attained?

Notes for this Consultation

Consultation with provider and the provider is stressed because the attention has again gone to the eldest child and taking away from the child in care. Provider is still struggling with letting the eldest be taken care of with their mom, but knows that the environment is toxic and will cause the eldest to fail. Provider wants to be able to make sure the proper amount of time and attention is put towards the child in care and that the home environment remains healthy and stable.