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Visit Date: January 6, 2020 ID Number: 153263
Visit Count: Children Served: 1 Community Health Worker: Jenel S

Consultation services Delivered

What type of Consultation was it? In-person consultation session

Healthy and Safe Environment Concerns

Is your home safe for children? : Answered: Yes

Child Development Concerns

How do I help children that have difficult? behavior (setting limits and sticking to them)?: Answered: Yes
How my relationship with the children can help them feel secure about themselves. Answered: Yes

Healthy Children

Immunizations and Well Child Schedules. Answered: Yes
Hand-washing – diapering – toileting. Answered: Yes
Social/Emotional development. Answered: Yes

Healthy Caregivers

Taking care of yourself (Whole Person). Answered: Yes
Coping with stressful situations. Answered: Yes
Child Caregiver relationship. Answered: Yes
Resource-Referral Type(s).
Family and community support
Consultation Duration

Start Time: 3:55 PM
End Time: 4:40 PM
Time Period: 45 mins


Progress Made Towards Goal?: Yes
Goal Attained? No

Notes for this Consultation

Consultation with provider and the concerns around the limits in screen time on the child’s phone & tablet especially after the Christmas School Break where the routine was limited. Shared that when child is asked to put away the device they begin to excessively ask for more time, saying no, and/or begins to whine & cry. Stated that it becomes overwhelming and Provider results to yelling and that is not the behavior that they want to display to child. Consulted with the provider about gradually limiting the time and replacing it with an incentive. Example to give a 5 minute warning, but each time, shorten the time from 30m to 25m, etc until the desired screen time is met. And in those cut minutes replace with a favorite book or quick activity.