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Visit Date: May 1, 2021 ID Number: 153102
Visit Count: Children Served: 1 Community Health Worker: SIC Other Staff

Consultation services Delivered

What type of Consultation was it? Phone or virtual consultation session

Healthy and Safe Environment Concerns

Child Development Concerns

How my relationship with the children can help them feel secure about themselves. Answered: Yes

Healthy Children

Working with children with special healthcare needs. Answered: Yes

Healthy Caregivers

How to help me cover my HRSN (e.g. food, transportation, housing, medical needs, employment). Answered: Yes
Coping with stressful situations. Answered: Yes
Child Caregiver relationship. Answered: Yes
Caregiver of Child relationship. Answered: Yes
Did you make a Community Resource-Referral. Answered: Yes
Resource-Referral Type(s).
Mental health
Consultation Duration

Start Time: 12:09 AM
End Time: 1:07 AM
Time Period: 45 mins


Progress Made Towards Goal?:
Goal Attained?
Goal attained

Notes for this Consultation

Provider stressed about his grandchildren mother. She called for intervention “I said it was late, I was going to have a panic attack, or called. So I called “. Client medication ran out 2 day ago. She reordered, but it has not arrived. She was trigger while bathing her young daughter, who said “daddy didn’t touch my peepee”, and she didn’t want to talk about it, and noticing a change in mood. Consultation practice breathing exercises, and discussion about parents TEACHING CHILD EMOTIONAL REGULATION doing A.G.I.L.E. approach. ” I’m feeling better now “.