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Provider ID: 153271
Location of care: Friends Home
Primary Language spoken by provider: Oromo, Can read/write language: Yes
Other languages spoken: Somali, Oromo Read/Write: Somali
Children in care are: Friends Number: Select A Number Ages: 2yrs
Healthy and Safe Environment Concerns:
  • Is your home safe for children?
  • How to prevent the spread of illness
  • First Aid
  • CPR
Child Development Concerns:
  • How do I help children that have difficult? behavior (setting limits and sticking to them)
  • How do I know that the children in my care are learning and developing OK?
  • What can I do if they are not learning/talking like I think they should?
  • How do I help babies brain develop?
  • Consultation with provider on Administering ASQ
  • Referral to early intervention for a special needs child
Healthy Children:
  • Working with children with special healthcare needs
  • Handwashing – diapering – toileting
  • Medication Management Children (Non-clinical)
  • Social/Emotional Developmental
  • Mental/Behavioral Health Services (Child)
Healthy Caregiver Concerns:
  • Taking care of yourself (Whole Person)
  • Coping with stressful situations
Other Concerns:

The child has special need.

Consultation Visits