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Provider ID: 153140
Location of care:
Primary Language spoken by provider: Somali, Can read/write language: Yes
Other languages spoken: Somali Read/Write: Somali
Children in care are: Family Number: Select A Number Ages: 4yrs, 6yrs, 8yrs, 11yrs
Healthy and Safe Environment Concerns:
Child Development Concerns:
  • How do I know that the children in my care are learning and developing OK?
  • What is a Developmental Screening?
  • What is a Early Intervention
  • How my relationship with the children can help them feel secure about themselves.
Healthy Children:
  • Nutrition (meal planning – allergies – infant Feeding)
Healthy Caregiver Concerns:
  • Getting further training or school or Certification (CDA / AA / BA) to improve my knowledge and financial well-being
Other Concerns:
Consultation Visits