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Provider ID: 153255
Location of care: My Home
Primary Language spoken by provider: English, Can read/write language: Yes
Other languages spoken: Read/Write: English
Children in care are: Family Number: 5 Ages: 2yrs, 3yrs, 4yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs
Healthy and Safe Environment Concerns:
  • Being ready for a natural disaster
Child Development Concerns:
  • How my relationship with the children can help them feel secure about themselves.
Healthy Children:
  • Nutrition (meal planning – allergies – infant Feeding)
Healthy Caregiver Concerns:
  • Taking care of yourself (body / mind / soul)
  • Get information on how to help me cover my basic needs (food – clothing – housing – medical attention)
  • Coping with stressful situations
Other Concerns:

One of the children in Providers care and the Provider are impacted by his mother who recently came back into his life after being absent for the last 6 years and is making false DV/Harassment charges against the child’s father and Provider. Has tried to get restraining orders (not ordered) and consistently keeps the child out of activities that he has been involved in for 5+ years to have him help clean the house, stay out late on school nights, etc. Provider reports being stressed out and depressed.

Consultation Visits